From the City Manager 12/30/16

Reprinted with Permission of the Independence Daily Reporter

 In this column a few months ago, I shared with you some of the significant challenges that come with the title “City Manager.” As a public official with ultimate responsibility for issues that very personally impact citizens, a city manager lives a life under constant scrutiny and vulnerable to impassioned criticism. After a 31-year career, I’ve seen, heard, felt, digested and internalized every note of it. And I’ve done a lot of learning. Among other things, I’ve learned that humility is hard, but it is a priceless virtue. I’ve learned that I’m not always the smartest person in the room. And I’ve learned that tomorrow is never promised.

   Even fully understanding the volatile nature of my profession, I allowed a small part of me to believe that Independence might be my last stop until retirement. While that was not to be, my wife, Donna, and I have no regrets in choosing to move here. We have enjoyed some wonderful living and made some lifelong friends.

   Factoring it all together, I can reflect on my stint in Independence as one of the best professional appointments of my career in one of the finest communities I’ve had the privilege to call home. Those of you who are Independence natives understand the countless ingredients that make this town truly special, truly unique. For me, the experience was made exceedingly richer by my dedicated, talented team members at City Hall. I’ve worked with many different leadership teams. There is none better. Anywhere. My departing prayer is that you, the citizens of the community, embrace your city staff and acknowledge them for the true professionals they are.

   As I prepare for my exit from the community, I’m reminded of a paraphrased quote from Abraham Lincoln that I’ve pondered often. The post-Civil War statement implores the nation to move forward with “malice toward for all.” I offer my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve Independence, and I wish each and every one of you a future of peace and prosperity.

City Manager Micky Webb
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