Posted on: November 3, 2017

2017 Loose Leaf Pickup


Please rake loose leaves only (no brush, weeds, rock, brick, trash, etc.) to the right-of-way adjoining the street.  Please do not place leaves in the street as this will plug up the storm sewer system.  Each area will be passed through as listed below:

1        November 6th – 8th  

2.       November 9th – 10th and 13th

3.       November 14th – 16th  

4.       November 17th and 20th – 21st  

5.       November 22nd and 27th – 28th  

6.       November 29th – 30th and Dec 1st  

7.       December 4th – 6th  

8.       December 7th – 8th and 11th  

9.       December 12th – 14th   

10.     December 15th and 18th – 19th  

11.     December 20th – 22nd

12.     December 26th – 28th  

 Please click on the link to the Loose Leaf Map to define areas.

2017 Loose Leaf Map
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