Economic Development

Independence is an industrial "hub” for Southeast Kansas and the home of many successful businesses that conduct business in a global market. Independence is in close proximity to major markets and draws a workforce from a population base of close to 200,000 people on a daily basis.

If you are considering relocating or expanding your business in Independence, we are pleased to present two main industrial parks with available acreage for your business. We would also be pleased to work with you on alternate sites which may better suit the company's needs or have other advantages for your project.

Central Business District Commercial Building Grant Program

The Central Business District Commercial Building Grant Program is established for the sole purpose of aiding in the preservation of the structural integrity of existing commercial buildings located within the Central Business District of the City of Independence to maintain the economic stability of the Central Business District. This grant provides a 25% reimbursement for eligible expenses with a maximum funding of $25,000 per building.

Airport Industrial Park

The Independence Airport Industrial Park is located four miles southwest of the City of Independence and is currently home to various businesses including Cessna Aircraft.

Airport Industrial-South

The Airport Industrial Park-South has 161 acres available in the southeast corner of the Airport Industrial Park. Full utility services are available to the site. The City will subdivide this property in a manner that is tailored to the business’ needs.

Airport Industrial-West

This site is located in the northwest corner of the Airport Industrial Park, adjoining U.S. 75 Highway. All utilities are available to the site. The site consist of 192 acres

West Laurel Industrial Park

The West Laurel Industrial Park has 60 acres available. It is located in the western portion of Independence and adjoins U.S. Highway 75/160. Access to the U.S. highway is by a controlled intersection. Full utility services are available to the site. A rail spurline is available in the Industrial Park and extendable to the specific needs of the business.


We have a comprehensive set of incentives to assist with your project, in addition to those offered by the State of Kansas and the Kansas Department of Commerce, including:
  • Land Incentives are available
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds and other low cost financing options
  • Tax Assistance:
    • Property Tax Exemption up to 100% for 10 years
    • Capital Investment Tax Credits - 10% (for only specified areas in Kansas)
    • Enhanced Enterprise Zone
  • Utility extensions and electric rate reduction
  • Local Business Incentive Program:  City of Independence Business Incentive Policy
  • Other assistance as needed
To further assist us in responding to your needs, please fill out the following form:  Project Initiation Form

Further Information
If you would like specific industrial site and economic development incentive information, please contact the City Manager at 620-332-2506 or Trisha Purdon, Montgomery County Action Council at 620-331-3830. 

For other business support, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 620-331-1890 or Independence Main Street at 620-331-2300.

Available Industrial Land