Police Department


811 West Laurel Street
Independence, KS 67301

811 West Laurel Street
Attention: Police
Independence, KS 67301




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Lower Level

Police Chief and Patrol Offices
2nd Floor

After Business Hours
Use Phone at Main Entrance or West Entrance

Name Title Email Phone
Adey, Melissa Dispatch/Records Supervisor 620-332-1700
Allen, CJ Dispatcher 620-332-1700
Anderson, John Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700
Athey, Damon Sergeant 620-332-1700
Benedict, Charlie Part-Time Officer/Animal Control Officer 620-332-1700
Bowers, Daniel Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700
Bryant, Derek. L. Detective 620-332-1704
Collins, Shane Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700
Cook, Hilary Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700
Corish, Byron Patrol Officer I 6203321700
Dye, Joseph "Ike" Patrol Officer- Part Time 620-332-1700
Hammer, Bridget Dispatcher 620-332-1700
Harrison, Jerry Chief 620-332-1700
Helkenberg, Lisa Captain 620-332-1700
Johnson, Christina Sergeant 620-332-1700
Knight, William R. Patrol Officer - Part Time 620-332-1700
Lupardus, Ty K9 Handler/ Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700
Mendoza, Devin Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700
Stuckey, Maryssa Dispatcher 620-332-1700
Ramsey, Rynae Administrative Aide 620-332-1708
Reddy, Jason Sergeant 620-332-1700
Alexis, Sanders Dispatcher 6203321700
Sherley, Richard Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700
Stafford, Dustin Administrative Sergeant 620-332-1700
Taylor, Dustin Detective 620-332-1700
Vining, Mark A. Lead Detective 620-332-1705
Justin, Ward Patrol Officer I 6203321700

Animal Control/AWOL Humane Society 

116 South 23rd Street
Independence, KS 67301

AWOL Donations
P.O. Box 290
Independence, KS 67301


Link: Animal Control Department Page

A.W.O.L. Hours
Monday - Friday
10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Benedict, Charlie Animal Control Officer 620-332-1700